Superspores Oil Remover

Easy solution for oil spills and stains

Oil Remover is a safe alternative for effectively cleaning problematic oil stains left by cars, trucks and other equipment. It cleans oil stains from concrete, asphalt, loading ramps and hard surfaces. In addition to this it works as an excellent cleaner of a wide variety of outdoor surfaces, like car wheels etc. It breaks down the carbon connections in the oils without use of solvents, acidic or aggressive cleaners normally used for this purpose.

0 ml.
12 pcs. per box.

Oil Remover

Article no. 385500

Userfriendly spray bottle for wetting the surface. Ready to use solution.

0 litre
3 pcs. per box.

Oil Remover

Article no. 380005

Delivered in easy to use packaging with screw top. Ready to use solution.

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Safety Data Sheet
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