Superspores Odor Control

Effectively removes bad smell

Odor Control is an advanced product that effectively removes bad smell on most hard surfaces and carpets. Odor Control is not a cover up, as it uses spores to transform the root of the smell into harmless carbon dioxide and water. The product is effective against bad smell from, smoke, tobacco smell, urine, sweat and harsh smell.

0 ml.
12 pcs. per box.

Odor Control

Article no. 385752

Userfriendly spray bottle for wetting the surface. Ready to use solution.

0 litre
3 pcs. per box.

Odor Control

Article no. 38007

Delivered in easy to use packaging with screw top. Ready to use solution.

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Product Data Sheet
User instructions.

Safety Data Sheet
Latest safety data sheet.

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