Bio Cleaner

An effective agent against mold, algae, bacteria and dirt

The product can be used in all type of materials like wood, metals, stone, bricks, concrete, roof paper, plastics and textiles.

Bio-Cleaner can be used on both painted and untreated surfaces. The product stops growth of microorganisms immediately after application.

Made for cleaning contaminated areas. Perfect for outdoor use, but can also be used indoors. Biodegradable and easy to use, the rain will remove residue from weather exposed surfaces.

Use Guardian as a complement, and it will give you an even better long-term protection effect.

0 ml.
12 pcs. per box.

Bio Cleaner

Article no. 125500

Delivered in user friendly spray bottle in ready to use solution. For easy distribution of agent.

0 litre
3 pcs. per box.

Bio Cleaner

Article no. 120005

Delivered in easy to use packaging with screw top. Ready to use solution.

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Safety Data Sheet
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