New disinfection solutions for aid organizations.

New disinfection solutions for aid organizations.

New disinfection solutions for aid organizations.


The Guardian Technology provides extremely effective protection against bacteria, multi resistant bacteria and many viruses, such as influenza, and provides powerful protection against microbes.

As one of few products it has been tested also against the Ebola virus.

The product is water borne and consequently does not dry out the skin.
Guardian eliminates all bacteria and most viruses and will protect hands and skin for up to 12 hours with regular use and other surfaces for at least 14 days depending on wear.

Guardian not only gets rid of bacteria and virus, it also prevents them from spreading.
Guardian is ideal for field hospitals, aid workers and refugees where problems with keeping proper hygiene is required. It is alcohol free, non-allergenic, has no smell and is environmentally friendly.

Guardian has passed a number of EN-standards, where the most prominent are EN-1500 and EN-12791 for hand disinfection in hospitals.

Areas within humanitarian aid where Guardian Technology can be used.

Field hospitals and staff

The Guardian Technology will disinfect surfaces, hands and skin effectively also agains multi resistant bacteria. The long-term protection makes it ideal for hospital staff, since it minimizes the spread of bacteria and virus between each disinfection.

Guardian is alcohol free, and will not dry out your skin. It is non flammable. It is high molecular and will therefore not penetrate you skin, but only work on the surface where it is necessary. We can offer long-term protection for all kinds of surfaces. Guardian keeps surfaces disinfected for up to two weeks if used regularly.

Our products are based on Non-ionic and Cationic technology and should not be mixed with traditional Anionic products. It is therefore important to implement the complete range of Guardson products.

Key products are: Guardian Medical Hand & Skin, Guardian Medical Surface, Guardian Medical Soap


In humanitarian aid situations lack of fresh and clean water can be a problem, resulting in poor hygiene for patients. Guardian products both cleans and disinfects, and can therefore be used efficiently for keeping patients clean and free of bacteria.

The long-term protection on skin will also help minimizing the spread of bacteria and virus among the patients.

Key products are: Guardian Medical Hand & Skin, Guardian Medical Soap.

Refugee camps

In refugee camps lack of fresh and clean water is often a problem, resulting in problems with keeping  good hygiene in the camps. Guardian products both cleans and disinfects, and is combined with the Guardian Technology long term protection and efficient way to optimize hygiene and minimize spreading of diseases.

Key products are: Guardian Medical Hand & Skin, Guardian Medical Soap, Guardian Surface

Other areas

Guardian products are easy to implement in other areas within humanitarian aid. We are continuously focussing on finding new application areas for our technology, and are always interested in testing new areas of application. We want to find solutions for our customers that save lives, improve health and our more effective than other alternatives.

Other application areas can be:

– Natural disasters

– Epedemics


Below are a list of the Guardson products designed for the Aid area.

We recommend that you consult your local Guardson dealer for detailed guidance, testing and development of cleaning and maintenance plans.

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