Solutions solving bacteria and mould problems in agricultural and live stock environments

Solutions solving bacteria and mould problems in agricultural and live stock environments

Solutions solving bacteria and mould problems in agricultural and live stock environments

Agro & Live Stock

Implementing Guardian Technology in an agricultural or live stock production we can offer solutions that minimize problems with multi resistant bacteria and most types of mould.

Our system is based on a combination of high end cleaning products (BioCleaner and Universal Cleaner), combined with our disinfecting (Guardian). This system offers solutions that provides through cleaning and disinfection, as well as long term protection by using Guardian Technology.

Guardian Technology kills all bacteria and also gets rid of mould spores. By getting rid of both bacteria and spores, the producer gets a cleaner and healthier environment. Regular cleaning and maintenance also becomes easier.

Our products are based on Non-ionic and Cationic technology and should not be mixed with traditional Anionic products. It is therefore important to implement the complete range of Guardson products.

We are focussed on providing solutions for our customers that improves their production, and results in a more profitable business.

Guardian Technology has passed a number of EN-tests, where the most prominent are EN-1500 and EN-12791.

Areas where Guardian Technology successfully can be implemented.

Chicken production.

By implementing our cleaning and disinfection products when preparing for a new lot of chickens, the producers will find less problems with bacteria in the production. As well as having a faster cleaning and disinfection process, resulting in a higher production output.

Key products are BioCleaner and Guardian Surface.


Mould and mould spores are a general problem in stable environments. These results in an unhealthy environment for the animals. Farmers are often forced to waste feed stuffs due to mould in the tanks and conveyor systems. Guardian Technology kills the spores that result in mould, and thus result in a healthier environment.

Key products are BioCleaner and Guardian Surface.

Milk production

Bacteria in stables with dairy cattle, are a common problem. Especially bacteria on udders is a problem which causes unnecessary wast of milk.

Guardian products disinfects the skin without drying it out, and leaves a long term protection against new bacteria growth. It thereby minimizes the risk of contaminating the milk during the milking process.

Key products are Universal Cleaner and Guardian Hand & Skin

Other areas

There are still numerous areas within Agro and Live Stock production where Guardian Technology can be applied and tested. We are always open for new application ideas and carrying out tests with the purpose of finding new and cost efficient solutions.

We believe changes and improvements can be made on:

– Storage of seeds and potatoes

– Storage of feed stuff for animals

– Production of fruit and vegetables

– Transportation of agricultural products


Below are a list of the Guardson products designed for the Agro & Live Stock industry.

We recommend that you consult your local Guardson dealer for detailed guidance, testing and development of cleaning and maintenance plans.

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