Guardson, bringing new standards to cleaning and disinfection.

Swedish research and creative minds.

The Guardson Group is a privately owned company and was founded to develop solutions and applications within cleaning, disinfection and protection against bacteria and virus.

The Guardian Technology was born as an idea in Sweden in 2004. The inventor got together a diverse group of scientists headed by Professor Christer Holmberg at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, and together they created a unique technology never seen before. The company was spun out and the patents for the technology were filed in 2006.

We offer solutions in areas where bacteria, viruses, mould, oil and bad odor make the environment hard for people and animals to live in.

We are an enthusiastic team of micro biologists, chemists, entrepreneurs, all people who are up to something.

At the Guardson Group we want to create solutions that are less aggressive to people and the environment without sacrificing the effectiveness. Our products will help you find solutions for your local environment as well as take a look at the wider perspective.

With this technology we are able to move the boundaries of cleaning and disinfection.

Come see us, we love to show you all we can do and find a solution for you.

Our Mission is:

To save lives by providing effective cleaning and anti bacterial products by limiting unwanted bacteria to interact with humans and animals

To replace more aggressive products with products that are gentle and have no side effects

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